Wednesday, October 28, 2009

President Obama Goes to Fallen Troops at Dover Air Force Base

President Obama made an unscheduled, overnight trip to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware overnight to observe up close a "solemn dignified transfer movement," the event which marks the return to the US of the remains of fallen service members.

Disgraceful in its gratuitousness.

If you want to visit our fallen heroes, Mr. President, do it in PRIVATE and WITHOUT YOUR CAMERA! Do it for the right reasons and you don't need a camera. Have some class.

For the record, Pres. Bush would not allow cameras at his frequent visits to the injured soldiers or families of the fallen ones. I would imagine Bush 41 handled it similarly in private.

This vile incompetent man has no business in the presence of those honorable men .Using them in his disgusting photo-op.


  1. I am leaving specific instruction with my family. If I ever come home in a casket he is to be involved in no way.

  2. Great blog. It's good to see your views. Obama is an attention whore. But that is what he is good at. He sucks as a leader but he can talk and whore himself like a Paris Hilton.