Saturday, October 24, 2009

Will Some Networks Stand By Fox?

The Obama administration instigated by Rahm alahm a ding dong, got slapped down by the mainstream media?allowed a Fox News Channel reporter to interview Treasury Department “pay czar” Kenneth Feinberg after other network news executives said they wouldn't use a pool arrangement to speak to him unless Fox was included. The dispute over the interview on Thursday comes in the midst of an ongoing battle between the White House and Fox over the network's coverage of President Barack Obama. This is a a blatant attempt at Government control of the press. What else is new in this administration?
I think some of the other media are waking up. They are beginning to see that they are next. Even those who are in the tank for 0bama have areas where they disagree and they are finally realizing that they are not allowed to. Once Fox is eliminated, they would be next in line. Scary thought, remember, "First they came for Fox".. But the silence is deafening about any of this on local 'news' broadcasts.

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