Friday, October 23, 2009

If Ya Can't Take The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen

Obama should not be complaining about ‘inheriting the mess’…he went to a great deal of time, effort and trouble to become POTUS. It’s not like it just got dropped in his lap uninvited. He volunteered for it, for-gods-sake….what a tool.
‘Inheriting the mess’ is a cop out! Obama totally owns it!
Actually, for a guy who not only ran into the kitchen that was already on fire, he also insisted on renovating it while it was in flames and at the same time trying to cook for a dinner party of 300,000,000 guests who can’t agree on anything, and also simultaneously go out to the pool for a swim, well, yeah, he’s got to cool the “inherited” puppy dog poo ain’t my fault nonsense. The man’s his own worst enemy.
What’s most odd and self-destructive in his behavior are his twin obsessions with health care and Fox News. People are losing jobs. To have a real recovery, we desperately need government to be CUT. Obama should be working on that. Obama should be working on Afghanistan. Instead, he fiddles with Fox and/or with a “public option” while Rome burns.


  1. President Obama is not complaining about the mess Bush left. He is simply reminding the many that conveniently forgot because they are sore losers Brother Toldjah.

  2. TRUTH 101 said...
    "President Obama is not complaining about the mess Bush left."

    Yeah right, And Donald Trump is Homeless!