Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It would be a horrible thing for America if this bill passes.

Maybe all the self-loathing the Left has taught Americans in general to do has rubbed off too much on Republicans. Republicans are too quick to blame our own when things go wrong, pointing fingers at each other even when (1) we succeed much more than we should given the circumstances (40 in the Senate and being significantly in the minority in the House), (2) the other side is the one that has to resort of shameful tactics, and, most importantly, (3) the game is still going on.

Right now, the Republicans have reason to be happy on two fronts: the bill might still go down, and the Democrats are going to be punished mightily for their crappy bill. In the House, it barely passed before. Without the unlikely concession to Bart Stupak, he and LA Republican Cao will almost certainly vote against the bill. If everyone votes the same as before, we’d only need to flip one more vote. Some of the ten (I think it was ten) other pro-lifers who voted for the bill before only because of the Stupak Amendment could easily flip to vote against. The question is whether some who voted against the bill before would vote for it now. Some will no doubt get a lot of pressure to do so, but when polls on the bill have opposition to the bill at 60% or more, who wants to explain why they originally voted against the bill and then voted for it? For the majority whip to ask a House member in a red or even purple district to vote for this bill is like asking a friend to eat lint.

It would be a horrible thing for America if this bill passes, and Republicans can’t view its passage as anything else no matter how much it helps them. Even so, the Democrats would be committing political suicide by passing this thing.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yes the pigs continue to feed.

I I were to offer a senator $500 to vote a particular way, I would be guilty of bribery and could go to jail. If Harry Reid offers a senator $300 million of our children's money, it's called "legislating" and "political compromise. This behavior is outrageous and must not be allowed to stand. Keep your pitchforks handy; we're going to need them.

Ben Nelson, you sold out your principles

After 13 hours of negotiation under extreme pressure by Senate Democrats and the White House, Senator Ben Nelson caved in to supporting the bill falling for a shell game and bait and switch the Democrats have dangled in front of him.

Senate Democrats announced a deal Saturday morning on a wide-ranging overhaul of the nation’s health care system, setting a course for a vote by Christmas and delivering President Barack Obama a badly needed victory on his top legislative priority.

A 13-hour negotiating session that stretched into the night Friday finally clinched the support of the last Democratic holdout, moderate Sen. Ben Nelson The handshake deal cleared the way for a series of votes that could stretch until 7 p.m. Christmas Eve.

“Change is never easy,” Nelson told reporters. “I truly believe this legislation will stand the test of time. The lives of millions Americans will be improved.”

Nelson agreed to support the bill after Democrats strengthened restrictions on federal funding of abortion, by allowing states to opt out from allowing plans to cover abortion in a new insurance marketplace. Also, enrollees in plans covering abortion must pay separate checks – one for abortion, one for the rest of services.

The move by Nelson to support the bill surprised most of his constituents in the state of Nebraska had opposed this bill by 3 to 1 and Nelson had the rare opportunity to kill this bill, which all polls show is highly unfavored by the American people.

What did Nelson get for his vote?

Nelson also won his own version of Sen. Mary Landrieu’s much-derided “Louisiana Purchase.” In Nelson’s case, the federal government will permanently pick up all the cost of new Medicaid enrollees in Nebraska, rather than splitting the tab with the state, as is usually done. Nelson’s Nebraska is the only state singled out for such treatment – a $45 million cost to federal taxpayers that shows the power of a single senator in this debate.

Shocking no one, who’s been paying attention to the ruthless unpatriotic way the Democrat controlled Congress has conducted itself, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled the vote for ObamaCare, once again, in the dead of night. Just like all the rest of the Vampires do it.
Ben Nelson should have chapped lips when he is done kissing all the people he has screwed.

The only difference between a politician and a prostitute is that the politician is ultimately more expensive.