Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rush, Sharpton, and Obama

It is easy to tell when conservatives are getting the upper hand. The manhole covers come off,the slugs come from under the rocks and the threads become full of lies again!!!

ACORN Operatives put on another shift and start the overtime pay! People are beginning to wake up and they don't smell the coffee...they smell Marxism !

Wow! The Hunter is home from the hills!!Did his community service as part of his punishment for the DUI or whatever his crime was and is ready to come back and do his duty for Dear Leader. Lying about not knowing De Maurice Smith,who's fingerprints go right into the White House!

Job 1.
Talk about Rush and how evil he is. They smell trouble as Rush begins the payback to the lying left who took away his dream of co-owning a football team. They would rather get in bed with The Righteous Bros.,Sharpton & Jackson than see a patriotic, conservative citizen get what he wants.


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