Thursday, November 19, 2009

The leftist wackos truly have lost their FREAKIN minds.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen…. It’s been awhile for me since I posted here, so let’s get straight down to business. First of all, let me reiterate the title of today’s tirade- the leftist, environmentalist wackos truly have lost their FREAKEN minds.
The outright insanity of these dumbass liberals has gotten too the point it is so God damned laughable I can hardly even stand it any more. The Constitution doesn’t mean ANYTHING to these asswhipes any more. The arrogance and ego of the Obamoron administration and it’s unprecedented and grossly illegal grab for power just does not seem to have an end. It is truly scary to think about the future of this country if they manage to get their bullshit passed through the Communist Congress you dipshit liberals managed to install for us.

This liberal bullshit just really pisses me off a lot and is extremely stressing. I hate Obama and his party of Communist clowns that are ruining this once (until they took over) great nation. This country has been through many wars the Constitution was established, many of our forefathers blood were spilled to protect the rights and freedom of all Americans and to protect the Constitution. They fought with their lives to prevent something such as this from happening. It really makes me vomit, just the arrogance of all Liberals who just now want to take it all away! Of course Liberals are still not satisfied with taking just those things away from us! The bastards fooled most of us Americans with lies which a lot of us foolishly fell for all the way through until they finally got into office. I can really understand how you feel, it pisses me off in a similar way. I really wish I could do something about all of this, but unfortunately, we will eventually be losing a lot of our right anyways if the Obamination succeeds.
The liberals and their reckless (and seemingly endless) spending have already stolen my children’s future, and I would love nothing more than to see them ALL (and everyone who voted for them as well) held accountable for this. It absolutely boggles my mind that there is ANYONE is this country who continues to approve of this obamination of our Country, our Constitution and our national security.
Anyway, I was reading some blogs written by people that are far more interesting than I am and strange thoughts started coming into my head. I don’t know if Dr. Dave’s ADHD is contagious or what….
Anyway, my questions for today is.................
Who’s uglier, and who's ass is bigger... Mama Obama or Oprah? Is Nancy Pelosi really a man?
Why do people feel the need to voice their opinions when it comes to my own personal matters?
And of course the classic, which never fails to crack me up- if a man talks in the woods and there isn’t a woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

Fell free to leave your answers in the comment section.


  1. Wait till the racist,terrorist sympathizer Eric Holder starts putting Americans/Bush/Cheny/CIA on trial in NY to mollify the American hating Commie left. The UN and the Haigue have their tongues hanging out to put America on trial. And in the Copenhagen Climate Change (World Commie Takeover) Conference, BO can't wait to pay for his Nobel prize by signing away all our freedom to foreign unelected despots.We deserve it right? A lot of us real folks and old rednecks (me included) are really going to freak out when the real plan goes into action and hits us in the head. Keep your focus we will need it and you.

  2. Relax Brother Toldjuh. We're just going to slowly and painlessly raise your taxes until we have total control. And regarding bring Cheney and the rest of the right wing creeps to trial? From your keyboard to God's ears dude.

  3. From your keyboard to God's ears dude...amen to that!..thanks for the comments at WHT!..come again and keep up the good fight!:)

  4. TRUTH 101 said...

    Relax Brother Toldjuh.

    Couldn't be more relaxed if I was sitting on my throne.

    Read and weep Truthless one:

    Judicial Watch Calls on President Obama to Overrule Attorney General Holder's Decision on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial

  5. Republiklans first are a bunch of liars. You give a black man a flag pin test.You take what his former minister said(which was true) and the man who is a veteran get death threats.You cowards call him Socialist, Communist, Gay, Muslim, Fascist, Black Militant Christian,all because you can't say the N-word.The right make up a phony PUMA group (also called ratfuckers).Ricchard Armey finances the Astroturfed tea baggers. The President gives out $5,000.00 to get people new cars. How do the racist right thank him, they bring machine guns to his rallies. They hold up signs about killing his little children.No President was EVER treated like this.You need to stop listening to those black toms that are paid to lie to you and take your money. If the President isn't allowed to fix the economy,we may need to turn to Communism.

    The world can see that America is racist and corrupt. One network makes racist statements every day. Fox is a joke.There is no Liberals aat Fox. MSNBC do have their own racist white Republiklans . Black people, women, Gays, Hispanics, and other progressives hate the violence comming out of Fox. Glenn Beck the coward is culpable of the three murders of policemen in Pittsburgh.The Aryan Nation, the KKK, and Stormfront all support the Republiklan Party.The right is a joke!

  6. In response to the post above this one...I guess that's why he's called "Kid"

  7. What no answer KKK girl?
    You were in the service you know that there's a lot on neo-Nazi's, Klan, and Aryan Nation members there.

  8. If you are talking to me, I wouldn't dignify you with a response.

  9. Sounds like I'm infectious. I don't know if that's good or not.

    BTW: I wanted to let you know that ADHD has moved, and I have a new handle. Stop by for a visit when you can.

  10. Spoiled little leftist brats like Billie the KId should not be given tools or sharp objects they cannot handle. Your 9 trillion dollar "Great Society" experiment has turned America into a Chicago boy Thug nation. The inmates now run the assylum and you want more of this crap. You deserve the tyranny you will get. Womyn,Fags, and any victim group deserve the careful minstrations of Dr. "Mengele" Holdren.